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Breaking Barriers of Unemployment Through Tech

Empowerment through technology opens doors to new opportunities. Our initiative breaks down unemployment barriers by providing specialized tech training, equipping individuals with skills vital in today’s job market. Join us in shaping a future where tech bridges the gap to employment

Available Tickets

LaunchPad Legendsers


  • One-on-one sessions with tech recruiters during and after the event.

Venture Vista


  • One-on-one sessions with tech recruiters during and after the event.
  • Automatic qualification for a chance to win a fully sponsored scholarship.

Unicorn Heights


  • All benefits on the venture Vista offer.
  • Job search support and interview prep for a limited duration.
    Additional exclusive benefits.

Brief about the Summit.

The conference aims to support individuals facing unemployment hurdles and lacking a technical background. At Learnwithpride Ltd., our goal is to empower these individuals by offering pathways to fulfilling careers. We strive to keep them updated with technological advancements, reconnecting them with hope for better prospects in project delivery and change transformation. By providing relevant information and hands-on work experiences, our aim is to profoundly improve their lives.

Motivating keynote speakers covering a range of subjects.

Networking Opportunities

Tips on Interview Preparation

Interactive Panels

Scholarship Opportunity worth £5000

Q & A Sessions and lots more