Payment Policy

Payment of Course Fees

Upon enrolling with Learnwithpride, all students, irrespective of their funding origin and fee category, are responsible for the fees associated with their chosen course. Self-financed candidates must settle their fees in full prior to the commencement of the training or on the initial day of training.

In situations where a candidate’s fees are covered by an external entity, referred to as a “sponsor,” Learnwithpride will collect the fees in alignment with the stipulations or guidelines set forth by that sponsor. Instances of sponsors encompass entities such as the UK Government through the Student Loans Company, Job Centre Plus, Skill Funding Agency, and others.

Installment Payment Options

Should a student be unable to make a one-time full payment of the fees, they will have the option to pay in two equal installments, each amounting to 50% of the total.  The first installment is expected to be submitted on or before the commencement of the training, and all payments must be finalized prior to the conclusion of the classes.

Discretionary payment arrangement

Under certain circumstances,Learnwithpride Staff retain the authority to establish a flexible payment plan that may deviate from the installment option outlined earlier (pending approval from senior management). Nevertheless, such arrangements are still subject to the additional terms specified in this policy.

Overdue payments

If a student fails to adhere to their payment agreement and does not communicate with the office to provide a reason for the delay, they will be withdrawn from their class, project, and Basecamp after a period of 24 hours. Furthermore, access to services such as Full-hands on practical training, Learning management system, interview preparation support, and work references will be withheld until both the outstanding payment and any applicable late fees are settled in full. Please refer to the breakdown of late payment fees provided below: 

  • 24 hours = £25
  • 25 hours – 1 week = £50
  • 1 week – 4 weeks = £100

Over 4 weeks with no contact from the student, the student will be removed completely from our system. Should they return they will be required to pay the full amount, plus any outstanding charges incurred for defaulting on their payment.

To avoid any disruption to your training progress, your team and to avoid incurring further late fee charges, students are expected to pay installments on time. It is the students’ responsibility to pay their installments and not the company to chase for this. Payments are considered overdue 1-minute past midnight of the day the payment is due:

Students Request to be placed on hold

Students who opt to temporarily suspend their training for personal reasons, after it has already commenced, will have a grace period of two months to resume their studies before incurring charges to rejoin their course or project:

  • 0 – 2 months – No charge
  • 3 – 6 months – £100
  • 6 months and above – Pay the full training fee.


Candidates who permanently withdraw from training prior to their start date will be eligible for a full refund.

Candidates who withdraw after the commencement of their training (having attended at least one class) are no longer eligible for any form of refund.

If a refund is to be processed, it will take between 7-21 working days from the date the refund request was submitted.

Refunds will only be issued to the original card or bank account from which the payment was initially made.

All refund requests must be made in writing to-